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The Blind Alien

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The Blind Alien. The Beta Earth Chronicles, Book One - Wesley Britton

The Blind Alien begins when Dr. Malcolm Renbourn walks into a bank where he’s suddenly captured by a device that drags him to an alternate earth. Blinded in the capture, Malcolm endures months of torturous experiments and has no idea what is happening to him.


Ultimately, Malcolm begins to learn about his new planet. At first, he’s considered state property in a country that enslaves all light-skins, including the only alien from Alpha earth. Escaping into a neighboring free country, Malcolm learns even more, especially about the curse of the ancient Plague-With-No-Name that kills three out of four male babies their first year. Thus, polygamy is the norm and the basis for Beta-earth’s tribal structure. Because of this, Beta’s scientists want to imprison Malcolm hoping Alpha genes might carry the cure to a curse that defines their world. At the same time, Malcolm discovers the family of exiles and outcasts that grows around him is part of a cosmic mission directed by Olos, the goddess of Beta-earth. Then a series of disasters puts Malcolm and Tribe Renbourn in the middle of a furious global hurricane.


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